With over 20 years of violin experience, I look forward to helping you with all your needs around the instrument of fine sounds!


Violin for every  single special day.


  • Violinist to ease all the stress with a smile as you walk in.
  • Violin to create a magical atmosphere while you have a first dance.
  • Violin during the lounge break.
  • Violin for the party afterwards.


  • Violin to give your event a luxurious setting, with important people and even more important memories.
  • A touch of elegance and just a subtle note in the background that will make everyone feel special.
  • Violin shows are optional, for a special kick for a special occasion.

“Joka war elegant und großartig! Viele haben von Ihrem Auftritt geschwärmt!”


Adult beginner students were and are the reminder why I started playing the violin and why I still love and teach it.



for adults







1st Myth – You can only start learning the violin as a child.



Teaching adults is my speciality. These are people who find the time and place for violin lessons, do it for their own enjoyment and for whom the violin actually helps them in everyday life.

They CAN escape their stressful job, turn on the piece they are practising next, go home, close their eyes, switch off the light and then they are just with themselves and their violin. Let me help you achieve this!


2nd Myth –  You have to play classical music on violin



I believe in the basics of classical technique to develop a solid technique to play any genre.
But I am sooo there with you for playing any genre! Bring all the music you love, I will be on this journey with you!


3rd Myth –  you have to have some musical knowledge before starting violin



90 % of my adult students couldn’t read music. They learnt it with me! I just encourage everyone to learn how to read music, because it’s a LANGUAGE. That means you can use it to communicate with other musicians later on. Would you refuse to learn a new language if you had the opportunity?


4th Myth – violin is the most difficult instrument



I challenge you to try.

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